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People have said that I am a humorous and dynamic speaker and I would love to host engaging 1- or 2-day workshops, training, retreats or keynotes for your organization or association.  I have received rave reviews for my practical and interactive presentations with many attendees reporting that my talks have changed the way they see themselves and the obstacles to their success at work and in life.

Some examples of my more popular talk and workshop titles include:

Wired to Worry: Quiet your your mind and take back your life.

It's not you - it's your brain: Five key steps to rewiring an anxious mind.

Monkey Mind: Inner peace for those of us with brains that won't shut up.

Contemplative Art for the Reduction of Stress: Learning what you can accomplish when you stop beating yourself up (with Kim Sogge, Ph.D.).

Meditating with a Camera: Learning to see the world clearly with contemplative photography (with Doug McLachlan of

Please contact Christine at 403-561-6873 or by email for more details and availability.


If you live in the Calgary area and would like to work with me one on one, please visit my private practice website at where you can book your appointment online.