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Welcome to Wired to Worry


Learn how to challenge your anxious thoughts, face your fears and get a good night's sleep at your own pace, anytime night or day. Click on the links to the videos below and start learning how to feel better today.

Come back often as I continue to add videos to the library and feel free to send me your requests for future topics. If you're feeling unsure, a good place to start is the what is anxiety video for an overview of how we get stuck and what we can do when worry starts to take over. Click on the green button on the right hand side of this page to receive notices of new classes, cartoons and passwords to live events. 

Disclaimer: These self-help videos are not intended to be a replacement for psychotherapy. If you have any concerns about your anxiety or would like additional assistance using these techniques please consult with a cognitive behavioural therapist in your community. While most people do make progress with self help programs, the research shows greater benefits can often be obtained in group or one on one therapy. The videos can be used as a supplement to cognitive therapy when you learn and practice the techniques at home and have a therapist help you apply the strategies to your own specific thoughts and concerns.

Stress Reduction

 Meditation for People with Busy Brains Video (click here) 

This very brief intro meditation emphasizes why our brains don't shut up when we meditate! More meditation classes/guided meditations will be added over time so check back often for new additions to this series of classes. 

Click here to download the Mindful Breathing Audio mentioned in the Meditation video.

Click here to download a Mindfulness of Sound Mediation


What is anxiety? video (click here)

Learn what is anxiety and how to quiet the worries and doubts that creep into your consciousness and refuse to leave.

Challenging Your Worries video (click here)

Challenge the beliefs about worry that keep you stuck as well as how to challenge your own worries!

Accepting Uncertainty and Letting Go video (click here)

Letting go of thoughts and accepting uncertainty are certainly challenging but a necessary part of learning to quiet your anxious mind. 

Problem Solving video (click here)

Learn the difference between a worry and a problem as well as how to brainstorm and test solutions. 

Controlled Breathing and Relaxation video (click here)

How you breathe can affect how you feel - learn why it's important NOT to take a deep breath and how to breathe properly. Then learn how to recognize and release tension with progressive muscle relaxation.

Click here to download Progressive Muscle Relaxation Audio (mp3)

Staying on Track video (click here)

Practice makes perfect when you are learning how to stop worrying. Little tips to keep you on track are covered in this class as well as a reminder of the importance of being kind to yourself and good self-care.

Assertiveness / Dealing With Difficult People

Verbal Jujutsu: Protect Yourself from Workplace Bullies & Angry and Aggressive People video (click here)



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  for Insomnia video (click here)